The Choir

Our journey of blessings began in the Spring Term of 1978. Vashti "Tina" Gorham, a freshman at Drexel University, along with a zealous group of musically inclined peers founded the Drexel University Gospel Choir, and were accepted under what was then known as the Drexel Music Department. Since our founding, we have been blessed beyond measure with two anointed Directors, the founder Vashti "Tina" Gorham (1978 – 1985) and Rev. Gregory Ross (1985 – present), both of whom have been an instructor and director/directress to the students as well as a mentor, role model, and friend.


Each Thursday evening when the choir comes together for rehearsal in Room 2032, there is sweet communion with God and it's a joy worshiping and praising the Lord through prayer, scripture, testimony and song. In essence, these rehearsals became "Thursday night services" which led to an increased desire to serve God, and the following ministries were birthed by choir members: a weekly prayer service and bible study named Disciples in Deed (which began in 1988 and was officially recognized by Drexel in 2007), the Drexel University Gospel Choir Praise Dancers, and the Drexel University Gospel Choir Mimes. These activities assist us in our desire to effectively communicate to a dying world that Jesus lives and to speak life to those in need.


We have traveled the East Coast from Georgia to Vermont, and all states in between, to render service at hundreds of churches, community centers, malls, private homes, (the list goes on). Our destinations have also included Texas, Ohio, Southern California, Canada, and Jamaica. Locally, we performed at the 2006 Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade and were even blessed to be the featured choir at the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate debate held on Drexel's campus.


In March 2003, in celebration of our 25th Anniversary, we recorded a live CD titled, "Not to Us", featuring the titular song as well as the hit "He Took My Place", both written by our anointed director Rev. Ross. The recording was released under the Isaiah Entertainment label in November 2003. We praise God for the many members and alumni whose faith has been strengthened through DUGC. When we look back over the 35 years of our existence, we can truly say we have been blessed beyond measure. You, LORD God, have done many wonderful things, and you have planned marvelous things for us. No one is like you! I would never be able to tell all you have done. Ps. 40:5 (CEV)

Drexel University Gospel Choir, 2015.